GCH Foxwood Battleship Penny 1*M          April 2013                  Black, frosted ears, white on each side

S: Kasey's Kids RF Sir Battleship

     SS: *B Kastdemur's Au Revoir

             SSS: SG +*B Kastdemur's Hasta La Vista

             SSD: SG Kastdemur's Ava 4*M (full sister to Audacity and Aesop)

     SD: Kasey's Kids Mega Fantasia

            SDS: CH Aesop's Mega Milosh (son of Aesop)

            SDD: SGCH Foxwood Razputin's Meri Popins 1*M (dam: Foxwood Genesis Peonie, littermate to GCH Passion)

D: CH Violet-Star Cricket's Penelope

     DS: Listening Eagle Martin Luther

             DSS: Foxwood Macho Man

     DD: Frog Flat Farms Cool Cricket

Appraisal 3-01 89 VEVE (RU Hgt- 46; RU Arch- 41)

Penny placed 13th in the Yearling Milker class at the 2014 National Show, and her dam was 5th place 3 Year Old. Penny is a smoothly blended doe with a strongly attached udder. Her rear is exceptionally high and wide, and the fore udder is well extended and blends smoothly. Her teats are properly sized and shaped but are placed  to the outside of the udder. She finished her championship as a two year old in 2015. She is pictured as a two year old (right) and as a three year old (left).