Chickens: Cochins and Marans

Cochins: We breed large fowl Cochins. Most of our current Cochins are from Doug Davis's black, blue, and splash lines. We also have silver-laced Cochins.

Black Copper Marans: We got our first black copper Marans in 2017. After researching black copper Marans, we wanted to begin with birds that were bred on Bev Davis and/or Wade Jeane lines. We were fortunate to be able to buy chicks from Dan Pitt, whose stock descends from the Bev Davis line. We bought adult hens and a rooster from Randy Mashburn, who has been breeding Marans for 11 years. The Mashburn Marans are a blend of Bev Davis and Wade Jeane lines. We also have a few chicks out of birds of YooHoo (Culpepper) breeding. We are excited to meet the challenge of breeding Marans that meet SOP and lay dark eggs.

I also included a few pictures of our Olive Eggers as they descend from Marans.