AI Bucks for 2015 Kids

To linebreed on SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow (LA 91 at 10 years old), GCH Briarknoll Piejar's McCayla (LA 90), ++*B GCH Faith-Farm Genesis (LA 90) , and ++*B Brown-Sugar's Crown Ambassador, most live breedings will be to Foxwood Meadow's Marvel, Cobble's Valley Majik Jock, Foxwood Maestro's Montage, and *B Hoanbu CA Night Life (son of Crown Ambassador and littermate to 2013 Spotlight Sale buck). The planned AI breedings continue with these same genetics, plus intensify some other genetics in the herd. Most does in the herd descend from C/F Thesus, so we thought it would be interesting to try to get another Thesus son to use. Our buck, Jock, and doe, Play Think, descend from Amberwood Frosty Chancellor. To continue for those genetics, we wanted to use ++*B Crown Point ZDR Mountain-Lion, a double grandson of Chancellor. We had four Mountain-Lion daughters in the early 1990s and liked their "look" and "style.


Four of our favorite does are carrying AI babies this year. Over the years, we have owned daughters of each of these AI bucks: ++*B GCH Faith-Farm AG Genesis, SG ++*B Kastdemur's Top Brass, SG C/F Thesus, and ++*B Crown Point ZDR Mountain Lion. We think that there are two good reasons to use AI: (a) to bring in genetics, and (b) to use "proven" bucks. Using these bucks will  really not bring "new" genetics into our herd but will allow us to continue to blend the Cadillac, Marvin, and Conquest lines. What we really like about these bucks is that they are proven, each having produced daughters that milk and show well. 

GCH ++*B Faith-Farm AG Genesis LA 90 (8 champion daughters)

                S: Faith-Farm Aries

                             SS: Gasconade Polaris

                D: GCH Faith-Farm Galatia

                              DS: GCH Bar-W Santana J

Genesis was our primary herdsire in the mid-90s. He produced several champions for the Foxwood herd including the doe that many people state was the best doe we ever had, Mademoiselle. CH Foxwood GMC Mademoiselle was 2nd place 4 year old at the 2000 ADGA Nationals and had many BDIS wins. One of junior herdsires, Montage, is a grandson of Mademoiselle. We used Genesis on a favorite two year old, Matisse. Her dam (Marlena) is a paternal sister to Mademoiselle's dam (McCayla), so we are hoping the Piejar/Genesis cross will work again!

SG ++*B C/F Thesus  (3 champion daughters)

                SSG Los Zarapes Lambrusco (sire of ADGA National Grand Champion, Popcorn)

                D:  GCH Nestucca Oaks Tina

Thesus produced a really nice doe, CH Simple Life Farm Pokey in the early 90s. Another daughter, Little Shepherd Brekke's Bliss, was GCH at the TVA&I Fair. Thesus was later used by Willow Run. We purchased a son, Willow Run Thesus Chekhov, and he has greatly impacted our current herd. Thesus's full brother, Triton, sired the 1993 ADGA National Champion, GCH C/F Saki. We AIed a Thesus great-granddaughter, Sasha, to Thesus, hoping to get a herdsire.

SG ++*B Kastdemur’s Top Brass (9 champion daughters) Premier Sire at 1998 Nationals

                S:  Brown Sugar’s Crown Ambassador  (42 daus 84.1) (Sire of two National Champion does and grandsire of four National Champion does)

                D:  GCH Kastdemur’s Diana  LA-90

Top Brass’s full sister, Edanna, was 1st place 2 year old at the 1992 Nationals. We own a paternal brother, Hoanbu CA Night Life, whose full brother sold in the 2013 ADGA Spotlight Sale. Brass's daughter out of Dale-Haven Black Diamond (granddam of our herdsire Darkness)  was one of the nicest does we have owned. Unfortunately, we lost her to gangrene mastitis as a yearling. Prior to her death, she was GCH and BJDIS as a junior doe and was RGCH as a yearling milker. In the fall of 2013, we AIed Sparkle to Top Brass, and she delivered two doe kids. One of them, Spicy, was 2nd place in a class of 50 Intermediate Kids at the 2014 National Show. We have repeated the breeding to Sparkle!


++*B Crown Point ZDR Mountain-Lion (9 champion daughters)

                S: GCH ++*B  Rio Del Oro’s Dandy-Lion FS90/E+E 5-03  (30 daus 83.0)

                D: GCH Rio Del Oro’s Mountain Mama 3*M (1987 and 1990 Reserve National Champion)

We AIed two does to Mountain-Lion in the early 1990s and got four nice daughters. We are excited about bringing more Marvin back into the herd genetics through Mountain-Lion. We used him on a Chancellor descendent, Play Think. She has a really good udder.